Fruit ripeness is the window of time when rising sugars and declining acids reach an optimal balance of flavors.

Dudley and Irina walk and taste vine rows every day to find the neck hair raising moment of ripeness to pick.

We handpick our vines into small bins with the help of backpackers before the sun gets too warm and de-stem whole fruit to small fermenters in the afternoon. 

To make wine of freshness and intensity, we chose a less modern path than most. We shoot and fruit thin our vines for evenness prior to vintage, pick our grapes earlier in the season than most, eliminated fruit damaging pumps, and chilling by using small fermenters, hand plunge ferments, and, most importantly, chose to not add cultured yeast, DAP, tartaric acid, tannin or other common additions to our wine.

The long, natural "wild" ferments preserve freshness while slowly extracting colour and flavour. All wines are gently basket pressed prior to ageing in first class oak barrels.