Wines from Inkwell are single vineyard “estate only” wines made only from grapes grown on our California Road vineyard. They are a naturally balanced high wire act - made without the safety net of blending from multiple vineyards, produced “wild” and without additions in our low fi vineyard winery. Few wines in Australia are made with this discipline and integrity of site expression.
DubStyle, on the other hand, is our wine-making fun zone. Where we apply our purely wild approach to a host of different varieties to make different styles of wine using different techniques.  From 100% whole bunch Grenache,  100% whole fruit Mataro and joven style Preservative Free Shiraz to slightly sweet and bubbly Viognier in a can to low alcohol extended contact versions of Viognier, Fiano, Vermentino and Bela (we call them "Tangerine") and our stream of easy to love Re-Mixes of red varieties, DubStyle is magic carpet ride of new sensory experiences unlike any other.