Inkwell’s vineyards have been using sustainable farming principles and methods since we acquired the property in 2003. Our journey towards sustainability has been Inkwell's source code.

In 2004, when we replaced the vineyard’s mid-row of annual weeds with a permanent grass sward to reduce weeds, we found that the soil stopped cracking open in summer and the competition with the new grass caused the vines to produce smaller grapes with more intense flavors. And, the vines started to 'balance' themselves. This was the "aha" moment that started our ongoing journey.

We began the process of restoring six acres of native vegetation in 2005 and eliminated inorganic fungicides and pesticides in 2006. Spiders and native birds re-appeared. Native birds now chase grape eating exotic birds away.  Kangaroos, rabbits, foxes, lizards and snakes also reappeared and keep each other in balance. 

Now we farm organically and biologically using composts and organic amendments to steadily build soil health and life. This allows us to harvest fully ripe grapes earlier and at lower sugar levels leading to more balanced wines.

Kangaroo at Inkwell vineyards

Kangaroo at Inkwell vineyards