2016 dub style no.1 viognier tangerine 

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the wine front - review by mike bennie

This is viognier fermented on skins by Dudley and Irina Brown who we know from Inkwell Wines in McLaren Vale. They’ve been playing around in the orange wine sphere for a couple of vintages, and early tastings show success. This is orange (or tangerine!) wine for more than just a brow-furrowed sect; its approachability is very high, and hence, its broader enjoyment in textural detail and excitement factor. 

It’s darn yummy. That’s the gist. Candied citrus peel scents, some whiffs of green herbs, dash of dried apricot. The palate is sweet-feeling but there’s a chomp of chalky tannin and slash of tangerine (!) acidity underlying. It’s fresh, fun, easy to drink, shows some exotic character, but never forgets to have an easy appeal. Yep, to stutter, yummy.

Rated : 90 Points
Tasted : JAN17
Alcohol : 10.3%
Price : $25
Closure : Screwcap
Drink : 2017 - 2020

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I haven’t researched this, but I would bet there are a few reviews of this wine that have the word “funky” in them. And they would be right, though in the name of originality I shall refrain from using it. Nor shall I use “cool”, though it’s that as well. While reading the notes I see the descriptor “bergamot” is used. Drink with care, as excessive consumption of bergamot can be toxic. Enough fooling around. It’s an individual style of viognier, spicy (I found ginger), and full of life. 94 points and well worth $26.

Link to the review