While half of a grape vine is above ground, we spend more than half of our time and attention on soil, vine roots, nutrition and soil moisture.

We removed herbicides from regular use in 2007 and started using additions of organic matter to build soil carbon and encourage microbial life. Since 2010 we have used a biological approach where silica, humates, fulvates, kelps, mineral dust, deep mulching and other natural materials are used to activate and improve root life and build soil carbon. 

All of our vines are pruned by hand and under-vine weeds are mechanically “knifed,” mowed, ploughed or removed by hand to encourage deep root growth. 

The vineyards at Inkwell straddle distinct one to two million year old exposed geological formations: Pirramimma Sandstone and Ngaltinga. These formations and their soil associations create ideally "difficult" conditions for growing intensely flavoured winegrapes.