Sommelier Samantha Payne suggests Dub Style No.1 Bubbly for first dates!

Photo: Mitch Lui

Photo: Mitch Lui

"Anyone who’s braved the dating scene in Sydney knows that on a first date, the right amount of alcohol can be a lifesaver...

But dating (and cost of living in Sydney in general) is expensive and you soon find yourself scraping together pennies during the week to fund dates. The weather is warming up, so head to your favourite bottle shop or online retailer and plan a first date adventure that won’t break the bank. 

Below are five of my current favourite wines....

2016 Dub Style ‘No. 1 Bubbly’ viognier – $12 per can
Skin-contact viognier in a handy park-size 375-millilitre can, this pretty little number packs a surprising punch. Slightly sweet and spritzy (like a drier version of moscato) it contains a 10.9% abv per can, so handle with caution. We recommend sharing a couple of cans between two."

No. 1 Bubbly is sold out for direct sales. Click here to ensure you are informed Dub Style No.2 Bubbly is available (pre-release form).  Available at fine restaurants and retailer in Sydney and Melbourne!

Source: Five Wines to Take on a First Date: Sommelier Samantha Payne gives us five inexpensive wines to take on a first date. Including one in a can - Broadsheet Sydney, published on 13th October 2016