Max Allen on Dub Style's New Whites

Dub Style releases its first wine in a can. It's sparkling, semi-sweet and extremely refreshing.  Max Allen reviewed it today in "The Australian" (read below).  Check and try it!

“Orange wine”, as you know, is one of the trendiest styles out there in sommelier land right now. It’s the term used to describe wines made from white grapes that have been fermented on their skins because wines made this way often have an orange colour. Some don’t like the term, though, as they think it’s confusing (have the wines been made from oranges, or from the Orange region in NSW?), and suggest “amber wine” instead.

McLaren Vale winemakers Dudley Brown and Irina Santiago-Brown of Inkwell vineyard have come up with another tag for the rather good, tangy, 2016 skins-fermented viognier they’ve released for $25 a bottle under their Dub Style label: they’ve called it Tangerine — a nod to the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

It’s not the only Dub Style skin-contact viognier made in 2016, either. The crazy winemaking pair also have released a semi-moscato-style wine they’re calling Bubbly No. 1: fruity, rich, sparkling, and packaged in a 375ml can for $13 a pop. A lot of winemakers overuse the “unique” claim but in this case it’s true: this surely must be the world’s first off-dry, extended skin-contact sparkling viognier in a can. More: dubstylewines.com."

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/columnists/max-allen/marlborough-man-shows-his-age-well/news-story/93e02f6182231cb1170a74ada70e3f6c

2016 No.1 Viognier "Tangerine" DubStyle to be launched at the Game of Rhones

Inkwell and DubStyle Wines are proudly debuting our first extended skin contact white wine -  DubStyle No.1 "Tangerine" Viognier  - at the Game of Rhones events in Melbourne and Sydney this weekend (18 and 19 June, 2016). This project was encouraged by the amazing reviews we received from Philip White, Mike Bennie and other industry friends last year under the project code name "Laranja".  2016 DubStyle No.1 Viognier "Tangerine" is even more delicious than the 2015 project.  Come visit and taste for yourself!